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Originally used in the classic trilogy of films following Michael J Fox through time forwards, back forwards back a bit further, forwards a shitload and then ... well you get the picture. On several occasions Michaels character Marty McFly is acused of being "Chicken McFly?" by the school bully, Biff. As with all good playground insults, there is a visual effect and audio extra to provide the full multimedia insult. The movement can be made by sticking both your hands under your armpits and uttering the noise of a chicken in heat "bokbokbok". NOTE, If you end up looking more like a bouncer or westside rap star then you have probably mixxed your left and right hands up, try again dufus.

Today, this phrase is still used in much the same context. Often if a fellow aberite challenges you to a deathmatch in your game of choice and you refuse due to: "having to go out in a minute" or "needing to walk the dog" you maye be graced with several calls of "bokbokbok" from your fellow channel members.

The moral of this story is Don't be a chicken McFly (recipe forthcoming)

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