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The Bitterness

The Bitterness aber's equivalent of "The Force" from Star Wars. The Bitterness forms the fabric and the driving force of the whole channel and the individuals which populate it, allowing #aber to become greater than the sum of its parts. Absolute commitment to the bitterness is essential if one is to survive in this environment. Those who do not let the bitterness dominate them are quick to fail and are never seen again. Eventually, after a period of years, the bitterness facilitates the passage to SCM-hood (see Member, Seasoned Channel). Only then is the bitterness complete within you. SCMs are often able to identify new members in which the bittnerness is strong, but are willing to educate those in which it is less strong. More than willing, in fact.

Bitterness as an attribute

Bitterness is an attribute whereby the person downcries or damn well pisses on the pathetic, sad achievements of oikes, usually younger and less intelligent than themselves. The attribute is often associated with persons involved directly or indirectly in some form of computer related industry. Or pursuing a course, the culmination of which resulting in employment in said industry. Damn it. The strength of the attribute symptoms are often directly proportional to the amount of time spent in said industry or pursuit of education thereof. Which is often Too Bloody Long. Attribute symptoms can be triggered by the pathetic spoutings of individuals often in the same industry, the appearence of Jamie Oliver (see Jamie Oliver - Twat, Irritating - Pukka, Stop Fucking Saying) or damn near anything (see Blockbusters, The New [see Shite], Tarbuck, Lisa [sod off you irritating halfwit]). Attribute condition is highly infectious and has been known to be passed on to younger individuals nearby (see Shorty).

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