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Incumbent bitch Deev (R) has control over BBC News output amongst a wide range of other powers.

At any given time the channel has at least one member who is an employee of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). Whilst simultaneously an employee of said organisation and an active channel member, this person is automatically nominated the channel's BBC Bitch, a title which attracts a range of duties and responsibilities, since all other channel members effectively pay the bitch's salary due to the unique way in which the BBC is funded. The BBC Bitch, regardless of their actual job title or skill set, is the first point of contact for all channel members for all matters relating to the BBC, whether it be corporate policy, programming content, technical services or other matters. The bitch is expected to resolve all complaints and implement all suggestions immediately and without question. Failure to do so leads to derision and humiliation, as with most matters of failure on channel.

Incumbent bitch

  • Deev (2009 to present)

Former bitches

  • sixxie (Ciaran Anscombe) (retired channel member, can be wheeled out should incumbent bitch be not available)

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