Back, They Always Come

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You'll always come back.

Joining channel #aber is a lifetime commitment. Rather like any vice, it is not something that one can experience just the once. Again, like any other vice, it is not something that, once started, one can every truly be free of. Everyone always come back, whether they are a casual visitor who has stumbled across the channel, or a long-term channel member who has vowed to leave the channel and never return, for whatever reason. They always come back, at some point, always.

On coming back, the channel member concerned is instantly reminded that everyone always comes back with a statement from an incumbent channel member of "they always come back". No further questions are ever asked of the returning member, on the provisor that they simply acknowledge that everyone, no matter who they are, always come back.

Stuii 21:27, 17 February 2011 (UTC)