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The BBC is apparently a National Institution, full of innovative and creative talent, although for the past decade it has survived on a diet of repeats, wildlife shows, rehashed formulaic sit coms, Eastenders, and a variety of British Sportmen failing spectacularly at their fare. However, it does have redeeming qualities, such as the amusingly named Director General Greg Dyke, and the fact that the majority of their morally 'upstanding' Childrens BBC presenters are rampaging queens high on crack. Also employers to the finest and most qualified IT personnel in the country, who spend their valuable time idling on IRC (see Sixxe, Milky). However ultimately the BBC must perish, if only for the extortionate licence fees and appalingly bad BBC News 24, which is only a marginal improvement on the classic School Child Test Card, whose passing has been mourned by the multitudes of dedicated late night IRCers (see Unemployed, Land of the Obviously).

Originally written by Lambie.

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