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The Multipupose Ascii-O-Meter is used on channel to graphically represent the progress of a task or activity. The meter is constructed using a left square bracket, followed by ten to fifteen characters consisting of pipes - |, or hyphens. The pipes indicate the estimated progress completed at the time of rendering the meter, whereas the hyphens illustrate unaccomplished progress. The meter is terminated by a right square bracket.

Normal meters

Normal ascii-o-meters are linear. Each bar represents one more than the value of the previous bar.

  • Example: CREATING DICTIONARY ENTRY [|||||||||---]

Logarithmic meters

Logarithmic meters are denoted by a capital "L" at the end. The difference between normal meters and logarithmic meters is that each bar represents ten times the value of the previous bar. These meters are usually used by channel members to represent extreme hatred of other channel members which would otherwise be impossible to represent using a normal meter due to the extraordinary length that would be required.

  • Example: Deev, this is how much I hate you: [||||||||||]L

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