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The Pull 20 URLs Out Of Your Arse information retrieval system lies at the heart of the #aber superhighway. It is by this method alone that all rumours, half truths, and downright scurrilous lies, can be tested empiracally using only materials available on The Internet.

On receipt of such a claim, #aber members are faced with a stark choice, they may choose to accept the individual at his/her word, and make suitable murmors of appreciation, dismay, or simply horror at the individual's claims, or more frequently, claim they are talking out of their anal cavities and challenge them to pull 20 URLs out of their arses. The claimant is then allowed a brief period where evidence can be gathered and swiftly relayed to the channel, of usually no more than 60 seconds. Wesleys beware, failure to consolidate a claim may result in humiliation, personal insults, and in extreme cases, death by smirking.

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Originally written by Lambie.

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