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Occassionaly it transpires that the buildup of Bitterness within a channel member reaches the stage where it can no longer be safely housed within the confines of a single individual, and no amount of Failure Transference can result in any appreciable decrease. Such an event threatens the entire fabric of the universe and calls for emergency measures to be put into place.

The only viable solution is to force the individual in question to fracture into disparate forms of interaction on the internet, such as Facebook, thus creating an army of alternates self-contained within a small, yet angry and volatile pool of Bitterness which remains precariously below critical mass levels. Although safely constrained within an independent internet 'universe' the principals of Failure Transference will still apply within each alternate, resulting in each individual to continue to exist within an aura of impending doom and violent hatred without ever fully realising why. The continued existence of the world depends entirely on these alternate versions never being allowed to meet.

NB: Despite the principals long established in science fiction, an alternate with a goatee beard may not necessarily be the most evil.

NNB: Unless it is applied to ^Woodsta^, who is his own evil goatee'd twin.

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