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Matthew Gwyn Gay. This man, despite his surname, is quite obviously not 'gay'. His 'brotherly' affection and care for the young laydees and gcse students of Aber is commendable. He is to be congratrulated in steadily moving closer and closer to The Bay not for his own benefit of having a shorter distance to stagger home - OH NO! - it is all for the tired young dancing feet of the local female populus of Coleg Ceredigion. This Sideshow Bob looky-likey has a healthy interest in a good bottle of Vodka, S club 7 and the game 'poke-her'. He has amazing finger work when it comes to Soul Blade, however, I have thrashed him at it enough to proclaim him a FAILURE. The only way to describe him, which is right and proper, is GINGAAAAAAHHH. Do not play him at backgammon.

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