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#aber TV Episode 1

8.00 am Sixxie's Breakfast URL Bazaar

An hour of Sixxie (who starts work before everybody else, for some reason) and his ever fascinating string of URLs, which are pasted to the channel at regular intervals and followed by a simple grin. With Sixxie.

10.00 am World Shocker Highlights

The highlights of the morning's news from news.bbc.co.uk, Slashdot and The Register pasted to channel in huge chunks or using URLs. Includes a feature on how Eltawater's beta IRC client doesn't have cut and paste, shortly followed by automatic "no auto-rejoin" kicks. (News may not be true)

12.00 pm Verbose Luncheon

Take a lunchtime break with this gastronomic orgy of channel members describing in great detail what they are eating for lunch.

1.30 pm Pissing Contest

Daytime programmes continue with a selection of random computer science types puffing up their chests and ruffling their feathers as they try to get one up on each other in a excruciatingly pedantic fashion with their seemingly endless amounts of computer related knowledge and excessive arrays of computer hardware.

3.00 pm Reminisci-hour

Dita and Wyrm present a 90 minute special on how crap the channel is these days and how it was so much better "in the good old days". Features references to obscure names and nicks that are long gone and whom nobody has the first clue as to who they are. With Dita and Wyrm.

4.30 pm Stuii's Napster Z0n3

Stuii becomes bored with the day's work and switches to l33ch1ng mp3z 0ff N4pst3r, even though he is sometimes foiled in a particularly ironic way by unwittingly downloading heavy metal tracks. With Stuii.

6.00 pm Invasion Of The Off-Peak Dialups

Scores of cheapskate modem owners join as the evil telcos drop their dialup rate to an acceptable nil all at the same time.

6.05 pm "Where Are My Ops?"

Farcical talk show featuring channel members who've changed their ISP again demanding to know why they haven't been opped because the bot doesn't recognise them.

8.00 pm Woodsta's TV Commentary

Woodsta's regular slot of comedy remarks and heckling of live television programmes of his choice. Special feature: Brian Blessed. With Woodsta.

11.30 pm Post-Pub Promulgations

Hilarious game show instigated when people with halls connections return from the pub. Includes the classic games "Kickfest", "That's Nothing, I Drank Four Hundred Million Billion Pints" and "Ban The Bot". (Repeat)

1.00 am Land Of The Obviously Unemployed

People who have nothing better to do and who obviously don't have to be up in the morning pass the time by spouting insane obscurities, probably in a drunken stupor at the beginning of the programme but starting to sober up by the end. With Robstar and Catalyst.

3.00 am Compsci HelpDesk

All the last minute help and abuse you need to help you get that project in on time in the morning. Designed to save you ever having to consult any real documentation or reference. With Dyn.

5.00 am The Graveyard Shift

Three hours of Saarlax changing the channel limit mode. The IRC equivalent of snow on the television after the station has shut down. This week: Lindylu gets banned for idling.